Working Environment

Everything for our employees.

The labor team working environment

Working at one of the most innovative medical laboratories in Switzerland is demanding. No wonder, after all, it's about the most important thing in life: people's health. At labor team, we believe that such a responsible job is only possible if everything is really right. That's why we have created an environment, in which you can develop your full potential.

Discover the labor team working environment

From fair pay to our own staff restaurant and a wide range of recreational opportunities – we do everything we can to ensure that you feel completely at home with us.

Everything for your motivation

Good work deserves appreciation. That is why, in addition to a fair salary and flexible working conditions, we offer our employees numerous social benefits and a wide range of opportunities for promotion and further training.  

Everything for your work success

Demanding tasks require an environment that meets all requirements. With us, you can expect state-of-the-art workplaces, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and your own cloakrooms and showers.

Everything for your physical well-being

Those who work conscientiously need energy. Free coffee and water for our employees are therefore a matter of course. For the lunch break, we have a staff restaurant at labor team.

Everything for your sense of belonging

At labor team you are not alone, but part of a team that sees, respects and supports you. A team that is looking forward to becoming even more successful with you.

Our Team

Everything for your children

Family friendliness is a top priority at labor team. The proof: our in-house day-care centre. Thanks to it, your children are always close by and you can relax while you work. 

Our day-care centre

Everything for your mobility

Ciao parking: all labor team employees have free parking spaces for their vehicles. And those who are e-mobile can charge their car at our charging stations.

Everything for your balance

Our company premises are located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Constance. There and in the many forests surrounding it, you can unwind after an exciting day at work and keep fit, for example at the Vitaparcours Goldach.