Medical Genetics

Genetic testing can help with key health decisions.

Genetic testing at labor team

Hereditary disposition, also called genetic predisposition, plays a decisive role in the development and further course of various diseases. The spectrum of genetic diseases is very broad and knowledge about the effects of genetic variations in humans continues to grow.

In many cases, it can be helpful to arrange for genetic testing:

  1. To find a medical diagnosis for unexplained symptoms
  2. To confirm a suspected disease
  3. To discover newer or better treatment options and avoid unnecessary treatment
  4. To identify family members, who may also be at risk


Genetic diagnostics: an effective tool for improving health

Our medical genetics laboratory offers you high-quality genetic analyses. We use state-of-the-art laboratory technologies and the latest analysis software as well as artificial intelligence to answer your questions precisely. A comprehensive laboratory report not only tells you the results of the analysis, but our experts also interpret the results of the analysis in the clinical context of your patients and thus support you beyond the laboratory examination.

Advantages of genetic testing at labor team

  • Many years of expertise in the field of medical genetics
  • Maximum precision in chromosome and gene analyses thanks to the latest technologies
  • Cooperation with external experts for additional examinations and second opinions
  • Findings in German, French, Italian and English
  • Transmission of findings by telephone, e-mail, fax or post
  • Comprehensive Quality Management (accreditation according to ISO 15189:2022 initialised)

Important information about our genetic services

The precision of a genetic diagnosis depends to a large extent on the correct collection and dispatch of the test material. We have therefore compiled comprehensive information on preanalytics for you.

In order to start the genetic analyses, we need the following documents and material:

  1. A consent form from your patient
  2. A cost assumption declaration from the patient or health insurance company for examinations that exceed CHF 1,000 or are not on the analysis list.
  3. Patient sample:
    1. Non-invasive prenatal diagnostics: 8 ml whole blood in stretch tubes® (NIPT) or 5 ml EDTA blood (fetal rhesus D determination)
    2. Molecular genetic testing: 5 ml EDTA blood
    3. Cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic examinations: 5 ml sterile heparin blood
    4. Chromosomal microarrays: 3-5 ml fresh EDTA blood
    5. High-throughput sequencing: 5 ml EDTA blood