Two eyes and a microscope for detail.

Histopathology at labor team

The Histopathology Department of our laboratory examines tissue samples with intact cell clusters. The sample material is composed of punch biopsies, snip biopsies, curettages, excisates and resects from a wide variety of organ systems. The range of histotechnical procedures extends from automated standard and special stains to additional immunohistochemical and molecular pathological examinations to special embedding and decalcification methods. The aim is to achieve a high-quality macroscopic and microscopic assessment in order to quickly arrive at a correct diagnosis and enable initial treatment steps.

Histopathological diagnostics: Fast and reliable

Histopathological examinations are essential, especially for cancer diagnosis. The greatest urgency is required here, which is why we usually make our diagnoses within 24 to 48 hours, provided no additional examinations are necessary. The diagnosis of smaller tissue samples with rapid embedding (e.g. breasts, gastrointestinal tract) is even faster and is carried out on the day of receipt. Malignant changes in the biopsy or resected material in the form of cancers and notifiable precancerous lesions have been reported since 01.01.2020 in accordance with the Cancer Registration Act.

Advantages of a histological examination at labor team

  • Many years of histopathological expertise
  • Fast sample transport within one working day
  • Cooperation with external experts for additional examinations and second opinions
  • Multilingual findings (German, French, Italian, English)
  • Transmission of findings by telephone, e-mail, fax or post
  • Comprehensive Quality Management (accreditation according to ISO 15189:2022 initialised)

Important information about our histological services

Numerous factors must be taken into account for a precise histopathological diagnosis. We have therefore compiled the most important information on preanalytics and the examination procedure for you.