Sample Transport

Fast and sustainable:
our sample transport.

We care

Our claim is to relieve you of as much work as possible. This also applies to the transport of the samples. Simply leave this part to us. You can rely on our logistics team to organise everything so that your samples reach us quickly, safely and in a sustainable manner.

Flexible and environmentally friendly

We have a unique logistics network and work with local courier services throughout Switzerland. This enables us to offer the fastest, fully monitored and scheduled collection service every day, adapted to individual needs. Most of the samples are transported by bicycle courier. For longer distances, we mainly use rail transport. This not only optimises our delivery times, but also exceeds our strict environmental guidelines. For emergency analyses, an express courier service is available by arrangement.

Improved ecological balance

From Swissconnect AG, the most sustainable courier service in Switzerland, we receive an annual CO2 certificate for using ecological means of transport (bicycle and public transport). Thanks to optimised logistics planning, we were able to save 915 tonnes of CO2  last year. 

More information on sustainability at labor team