There is nothing like
good preparation.

What is there to consider before you deliver a sample to us?

In order for our laboratory to be able to carry out high-quality analyses, we depend on no mistakes being made beforehand. For example, the test material must be prepared correctly or taken professionally.

Tips for correct handling

  • Sample collection: The sample identification must be unique and must be placed on both the tube and the consignment note.
  • Sample storage: It is essential to observe the correct storage temperature. If the collection takes place on the same day, whole blood samples, for example, can be stored at room temperature. Blood samples for molecular biological examinations, on the other hand, must be stored at refrigerator temperature.
  • Sample transport: In principle, samples should be transported to the laboratory as quickly as possible. Proper packaging plays an important role here.

For further information, please refer to the specific pre-analytical instructions: