We investigate the
immune system.
With system.

Immunology at labor team

Bacteria, viruses, parasites – the immune system is busy around the clock protecting the human body from pathogenic agents. But the correct differentiation between the body's own and foreign structures is not always successful: autoimmune diseases develop. If the body reacts to foreign but harmless substances such as pollen or animal hair, an allergic immune reaction occurs. The experts of labor team analyse a wide range of different disease-specific antibodies, allergies and autoimmune diseases in our immunology laboratory. In addition, we support doctors in the diagnosis of chronic diseases and inflammations. We also carry out drug monitoring of various biologics.   

Differentiated analytics through a broad spectrum of methods

In immunodiagnostics, we mainly use serological methods. These include indirect immunofluorescence, various immunoassays such as ELISA, capillary electrophoresis and immunofixation, fluorometric and turbidimetric measurements as well as immunoblots.  However, cellular methods (flow cytometry, ELISpot), molecular biological techniques (PCR) or immunohistochemical/cytochemical examinations in other departments are also used for a fully comprehensive analysis. This inter-laboratory cooperation enables rapid and precise analysis of a wide range of immunological parameters and thus makes an important contribution to correct diagnosis.   

Advantages of an immunological examination by the laboratory team

  • Many years of expertise
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Cooperation with external experts for additional examinations and second opinions
  • Multilingual findings (German, French, Italian, English)
  • Transmission of findings by telephone, e-mail, app, fax or post
  • Comprehensive Quality Management (ISO 15189:2022 accreditation initialised)

Important information for successful preanalytics

Poorly performed preanalytics weaken the validity of immunological methods. We have therefore compiled comprehensive information for you on correct sample collection, correct storage and correct sample dispatch.