FAMH Member

Laboratory standards cannot be high enough.

We are an FAMH Laboratory Code Signatory

As a basis for fair and equitable competition, we follow the FAMH Laboratory Code. This Swiss framework, which came into force on 1 April 2022, sets the highest standards in the area of quality and ethics. The FAMH Labor Code enables all signatories to also formally commit to business practices that meet the highest ethical and commercial requirements. In this way, the labor team assumes responsibility proactively.

The central guidelines of the FAMH Laboratory Code include the following points:

  • Separation principle: Benefits (gifts, invitations and other advantages) to clients or their employees and procurement decisions must be separated from each other.
  • Transparency principle: Performance and consideration must be clearly recognisable from the written contract.
  • Equivalence principle: Contractually agreed services and considerations must be in an appropriate relationship to each other that is customary under comparable conditions.
  • Documentation principle: All services and considerations must be fully documented in writing.

For fair competition 

This code is implemented by the "FAMH Laboratory Code Association". FAMH stands for "Foederatio Analyticorum Medicinalium Helviticorum", which is the association of medical laboratories in Switzerland. The association, based in Bern, represents the contract laboratories that carry out analyses professionally and according to the latest standards on behalf of doctors and hospitals.