Molecular Biology

The analysis of DNA is in our DNA.  

Molecular Biology at labor team

Molecular Biology testing methods have long become indispensable in laboratory diagnostics. In our Molecular Biology laboratory, only the most modern DNA and RNA testing methods are used to directly detect pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, and to precisely determine the viral load in the case of infections with HIV and hepatitis C, for example. Furthermore, genetic predispositions for conditions such as thrombosis, iron metabolism disorders or cancer can be determined in a targeted manner. In this way, we not only make an important contribution to clinical diagnostics, but also help doctors to effectively combat diseases or disease risks.

Molecular Biology diagnostics: Fast, sensitive, specific and quantitative

In Molecular Biology diagnostics, we rely primarily on innovative technologies such as fully automated nucleic acid isolation, real-time PCRs, chip technologies and Next Generation Sequencing: thanks to these methods, even the smallest amounts of pathogens can be detected quickly, sensitively, specifically and quantitatively, and genetic defects and polymorphisms can be precisely identified. In the diagnosis of genetic diseases, our Molecular Biology Department also works closely with our human genetics experts to. 

Advantages of a Molecular Biology examination at labor team

  • Decades of Molecular Biology expertise 
  • Innovative test procedures for highly precise diagnoses 
  • Cooperation with external experts for additional examinations and second opinions
  • Findings in German, French, Italian and English
  • Transmission of findings by telephone, e-mail, fax or post
  • Comprehensive Quality Management 

Important information about our Molecular Biology services

Due to the sensitivity of the detection and the complexity of the examination, numerous aspects must already be taken into account when taking samples. We have therefore summarised the most important information on preanalytics for you.

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