Tech Competence

Welcome to the
digital lab.

Our tech competence

Don't worry, we remain people who care about your concerns with a lot of passion and heart and soul. But beyond that, labor team has also developed into a real tech company. Hardly any laboratory analysis can still do without machine assistance and IT support. But digital transformation is also well advanced in services outside of pure laboratory operations.

Submit orders digitally

It starts with the orders. You can submit analysis orders digitally via our Online-Portal. If you wish, our IT team can connect your practice software directly to our system. We set up the API interface for you free of charge and provide appropriate IT security solutions so that all data is transferred securely. Then we are directly connected electronically.

Our lab app

There are equally digital solutions for the findings. Our findings report provides you with an online overview of all current and previous findings. There you can also define individual notifications, e.g. in case of critical findings.