Results App

From the lab directly to your smartphone.


Who can use our Results app?

For practices and hospitals, we offer the service of delivering laboratory results to your smartphone. This is very easy with our labor team Results app, which allows you to view all analyses.

How can the Results app be operated?

After you have authenticated yourself once, you can log in using your user data. In the main menu, you can change the language, and there also are various display options. You can adjust the columns in the analysis results tables to suit your needs. Now you can view all results and findings on your smartphone or tablet PC. Older analyses also remain in the archive here.

labor team Results App Quick Start Guide (German)

When should which device notify me?

For example, if you use the app on your iPad and smartphone in parallel, you can use the app management to set which results should be sent to which device. Perhaps only emergencies should go to the smartphone and the tablet should receive all findings. The iPad or the mobile phone then indicates that new results are available. Queries can be sent by e-mail directly from the app.

How to get the Results app

The labor team Results app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS smartphones or from the Google Playstore for Android phones:

labor team Results iOS

labor team Results Android