Tools & Solutions 

Our digital services:
To make things
more convenient for you. 

Save valuable time

We have repeatedly introduced new digital services in recent years. There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, we want you to be able to view and evaluate the analysis results as quickly and conveniently as possible. In addition, we want to avoid unnecessary media disruptions. When we exchange patient information and findings digitally, this data can flow seamlessly from our database into your practice software.


Here you can submit orders to our laboratory digitally.

Information on findings 

Our online portal gives you access to your findings – at any time, from anywhere.

IT Support

For questions and problems regarding laboratory data import or digital order creation, we are happy to assist you by telephone and by remote maintenance.

Results app LabHub

This applies all the more to our results app LabHub: With this app, you receive findings directly on your smartphone.


Your direct route to documents related to laboratory diagnostics.
You can obtain practice and laboratory materials from us in 24 hours.

Calculation formulas 

Whatever you would like us to convert – you can get help here.

Helpful links

Tips on important websites from the health sector.