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New tests at labor team

Health is our most valuable asset. As pioneers in laboratory medicine, we at labor team therefore work day after day on the development of new procedures and technologies. The result: innovative analyses and tests that help to prevent and cure diseases and to further improve the individual care of patients. 

Endotest® Diagnostic: diagnose endometriosis faster

Women affected by endometriosis often have years of suffering behind them. The reason: it often takes years from the onset of the disease to diagnosis. The innovative Endotest® Diagnostic provides a remedy, because with it endometriosis can be reliably diagnosed within a few days using a simple saliva test.

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Statin intolerance

Statins, essential for lowering cholesterol levels and preventing cardiovascular disease, can cause side effects such as muscle pain. SLCO1B1 genotyping personalizes therapy to optimize doses and minimize adverse reactions, especially in cases of familial predisposition or existing side effects.

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Hepcidin-25, a crucial regulator of iron homeostasis, is a valuable parameter to distinguish in particular iron deficiency anemia (IDA) from anemia of chronic disease (ACD). As these are the two most common forms of anemia, their differential diagnosis is of key importance for everyday practice.

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sdLDL: Detecting cardiovascular risks at an early stage

If total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are elevated, the risk of atherosclerosis and thus of cardiovascular disease increases. An even more important marker, however, is sdLDL cholesterol: measuring this parameter allows the individual risk of cardiovascular disease to be detected even earlier and more precisely.

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Rhesus factor D: For a carefree pregnancy

If the mother is rhesus-negative and the foetus is rhesus-positive, life-threatening complications can arise for the child. Until now, rhesus-negative pregnant women therefore had to undergo rhesus prophylaxis. By means of a simple examination of the mother's blood, it is now possible to determine the rhesus factor D of the foetus and to avoid unnecessary pre-treatment. 

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Winterplex: The all-in-one test for flu symptoms

The causes of flu symptoms can be manifold. No wonder, because infections with SARS-CoV-2,- Influenza A,- Influenza B- or RS-viruses (Respiratory Syncytial) show similar symptoms. Our innovative multiplex PCR analysis enables a quick and precise diagnosis to initiate the right therapy.

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Free vitamin D: Measure bioavailable vitamin D directly

Pregnant women and people with liver and kidney diseases in particular are dependent on an adequate supply of vitamin D. The free, biologically available vitamin D is particularly important. Thanks to our new test, this can be determined precisely for the first time so that targeted substitution can be carried out in case of a deficiency.   

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Pap test: Cervical cancer screening even easier

It is an essential part of the early detection of cervical cancer: the Pap test. Mucosal cells are taken from the cervix using a swab to be examined microscopically in the laboratory for pathological changes. We have modernised the collection procedure and made it simpler.

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Testicular cancer marker M371: Highly sensitive and highly specific

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between 20 and 40 years of age in Switzerland. Thanks to its high sensitivity and specificity, our innovative testicular cancer test leads to more diagnostic certainty than conventional tests and thus reduces the risk of inadequate treatment. 

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