Haematology is in our

Haematology at labor team

Our haematology laboratory specialises in the body fluid par excellence: the blood. Using the latest technologies and examination methods, we analyse the blood, its cellular components and haematopoietic organs such as bone marrow, spleen, liver and lungs for pathological changes. The aim is to detect blood diseases such as leukaemia and lymphomas, disorders of haemostasis and coagulation as well as parasitic diseases (e.g. protozoa, malaria plasmodia) reliably and at an early stage, thus providing doctors with an optimal basis for the therapy and monitoring of their patients.

Haematological diagnostics: From blood count to coagulation analysis 

The haematological diagnostics of labor team includes the examination of classical parameters such as differential blood counts (so-called "haematograms"), cell analyses by means of flow cytometry as well as the determination of blood groups and antibody tests.  In the case of pathological blood counts, a microscopic assessment is carried out in order to distinguish, for example, reactive-inflammatory from neoplastic changes. In addition, detection of blood parasites is offered.  Last but not least, the diagnosis of coagulation disorders (clarification of thrombosis and bleeding tendencies) is carried out in the field of Haemostaseology.

Advantages of blood tests at labor team

  • Many years of haematological expertise 
  • Comprehensive range of examinations from blood counts to coagulation analysis 
  • Cooperation with external experts for additional examinations and second opinions
  • Multilingual findings (in German, French, Italian, English) 
  • Transmission of findings by phone, e-mail, fax or post 
  • Comprehensive Quality Management 

Important information about our haematology services

For a precise haematological diagnosis, the quality of the blood and tissue samples used is crucial. We have therefore summarised the most important information on preanalytics for you.