Material & Volume

Serum, 1ml

Reference values

All1.0-10.0 therapeutic range
>20.0 toxic

Clinical information

Type of drug: Anticonvulsant
Half life t½: 10-15h
Steady State: 3-4 days
TDM: useful

Lacosamid is anti-epileptic agent structurally derived from the serin amino acid, and is therefore designated as a functioning amino acid. The actual working mechanism of the agent is however not fully clarified. It is moreover assumed, that lacosamid enhances the slow inactivation of the voltage-gated sodium channels. The effective ingredient bonds itself to these and blocks the throughput. This has the effect to reduce excess action potentials and the over excitable membranes of the neurones are thus stabilised. In addition, lacosamid acts upon the ‘CRMP-2’ protein, which is responsible for the differentiation of the nerve cells with the nerve sprouts. Frequent side effects are vertigo, headache, nausea and double vision.

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