January 16, 2024

Certification as a "Green & Sustainable Laboratory"

labor team was recognized as the first green laboratory in Switzerland

labor team has reached a significant milestone: it is one of the first medical laboratories in Europe to be awarded the “Green & Sustainable Laboratory” certificate by the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM). This recognition, which the laboratory received at the end of 2023, is a testament to its remarkable efforts to minimize the environmental impact of its activities and embed sustainability in its operations.

Effective measures to reduce CO2 

labor team has distinguished itself by using environmentally friendly transport methods. The majority of samples are transported by bicycle courier, while rail is mainly used for longer distances. These sustainable transport solutions enabled the laboratory to save an impressive 726 tons of CO2 in 2023. This initiative underlines the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and shows how innovative approaches can significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

Pioneering role and new standards in the industry

Certification by the EFLM followed a comprehensive assessment by labor team based on 150 criteria in various areas. These areas included:

  1. Management of hazardous chemicals: handling and disposal of chemicals that pose a potential risk to the environment and health.
  2. Energy management: Measures to save energy and use renewable energy sources.
  3. Waste management: Strategies for reducing, reusing and recycling waste.
  4. Water management: Efficient use and treatment of water resources.

By meeting these extensive and varied criteria, labor team proves that it both meets the requirements and takes a leading role in the industry. This award serves as a source of inspiration and sets new standards for sustainable practices in medical laboratories.