27. Juni 2023

labor team - your forerunner in individual diagnostics 

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: We want to shape the future of laboratory medicine and be at the forefront of individualized diagnostics.

Since our foundation in 2001, our goal has been to continuously improve laboratory medicine. As a modern diagnostics provider with one of the largest state-of-the-art laboratories—covering an area of 12,500 square meters and staffed by around 400 employees—we offer our customers the highest standards of quality and precision. We demonstrate our agility through innovations in testing and many other new procedures.

Our experience and dedication have positioned us as trendsetters in our field and are making a significant contribution to shaping and improving medical laboratory diagnostics of the future. 

We are a physician-led laboratory. Each day, over 30 scientists from all laboratory disciplines are available to provide you with expert, individualized, and interdisciplinary advice. You can count on us to provide clear and concise information promptly. Our IT systems have been developed in-house and enable us and our partners to work in a way that is focused on results and tailored to specific needs. As a modern company, sustainability is a key priority for us. We use environmentally friendly logistics solutions for all our transportation needs, wherever possible.

By rebranding, we are emphasizing our commitment to this change and more clearly communicating our values, innovations, and individualized solutions to the wider world. Join us as we push the boundaries of modern, individualized laboratory diagnostics.

Learn more about labor team in our new corporate film.