Cytomegalovirus - blood (PCR)

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EDTA blood, 2ml

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Human cytomegalovirus (human betaherpesvirus 5, HHV-5) is a common virus that can be found in up to 70% of adults in industrialized countries. It is transmitted by droplet or smear infection via saliva, blood, breast milk, seminal fluid and cervical secretions.

In most immunocompetent individuals, CMV primary infection is asymptomatic or only leads to mild flu-like symptoms. In rare cases, pneumonia or hepatitis can occur.
CMV infection is dangerous for immunocompromised individuals (e.g. after transplants, under chemotherapeutic treatment or HIV-positive patients) as possibly fatal inflammation of lung (pneumonia), intestinal tract (colitis), brain (CMV encephalitis), oesophagus, liver or retina can develop.

CMV infections can trigger the autoimmune disorder Guillan-Barré syndrome, where attacks of the own immune system lead to damage of the peripheral nervous system, causing rapid-onset muscle weakness.

Note: Pathogen detection by PCR from urine/saliva is only recommended for newborns, as asymptomatic carriers excrete the virus intermittently. In children/adults, the pathogen should be detected by PCR from EDTA blood (leucocytes).


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